Marijuana – Not So Fast

Sylvester Sviokla III, M.D.

Sylvester “Skip” Sviokla III, M.D.

85 percent of the general population can take or leave a drink of alcohol and therefore can use it safely – that number shrinks rapidly to insignificance in those people who are already addicted to another substance. I maintain that the same holds true for marijuana. Lost in the onslaught of recent permissive legislation is the known fact that marijuana can be, and often is, addicting.

I have evolved over the years to become hardened to the argument that many of my Suboxone patients make…“compared to opioids, marijuana is harmless”. If my patients do not have glaucoma, are not undergoing chemotherapy or are not in the throws of a terminal illness and require an appetite stimulant, I make my provision of Suboxone contingent upon their giving up the marijuana. Yes, even if they obtain it legally.

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