Book Expo America

I had no idea how large the Jacob Javits Center in New York City was until I approached the entrance. I was a bit shy, to say the least, as I wound through Manhattan streets toward the World’s Largest Book Show. And then, there it was – WOW !

As I approached the booth where I was to sign my book (for 2 hours!) “From Harvard To Hell and Back” I worried that no one would stop by. My publisher then greeted me with the totally unexpected news that the Library Journal had given the book a positive review. I was soon to find out that was a good thing!

I steadily signed Advanced Reader Copies for the entire two hours. I was quickly immersed in discussions with “people in the (book) trade” but was immediately reminded how this “addiction thing” touches so many lives. The time flew by. To boot, family members, my literary agent Linda Konner, my prospective publicity agent, Meryl Moss and my co-author Kerry Zukus, all paid me the honor of being there.

WOW! is right.

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