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Voice America Health and Wellness Podcast Interview

It was a pleasure  doing  my interview yesterday with John McAndrew for The VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Network. Thank you John! Here is the link to the podcast.  

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Why I Wrote the Book “From Harvard to Hell and Back”

I was a practicing Emergency Medicine Physician who had been blessed with just about every gift a person could desire. I had gone to Harvard College and Harvard Medical School. Although diverted from my original desire to become a General Surgeon when I severely cut my dominant hand in an unusual accident, I had settled into running emergency room practices across Southern California. I also began to treat Rock ’n Roll stars after I developed a friendship with the owner …Continue Reading

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A Family’s Denial

“And this is how we are. By strength of will we cut off our inner intuitive knowledge from admitted consciousness. This causes a state of dread, or apprehension, which makes the blow ten times worse when it does fall” – D.H. Lawrence  Between you and me, I want to talk about my denial not the addict’s.  My denial of my loved one’s addiction.  It is a small word – denial – and yet it carries a big import.  It is …Continue Reading

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