Removing The Stigma

Between you and me…as word of mouth is spreading about Dr. Skip’s book, “From Harvard To Hell and Back”, I wanted to share this amazing comment from one of our daughter’s friends.

“I am on the last chapter of your father’s book and I am so inspired by his writing. I have cried aboutĀ four times during the last half of the book. When he talks about Liam I thought my heart would explode! I have always loved your mother but now I am in awe of her as a mother and wife.

Your father had a long journey to find what he was meant to do. I am so impressed he made it through and am so happy he is here today to tell his story. I love you even more and think your father’s story is one part of why you inspire me as a person.

Thank you for letting me read the book!

Love, Erin ”

Need we talk about the shame and stigma of this disease?

I believe my children couldn’t be prouder.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I cried several times reading the book as well. There were certain points when I could feel the anguish and happiness. There is always something that grabs a hold of you and presents that feeling of awe, that can’t be put into words. As a mother and wife, Maurine held the family together as a tornado ran through her family. Reflecting on what my mother did during my addiction makes me forever grateful for always believing in me when there was no me to believe in. Dr. Skip had a long journey, that was like a maze…hitting wall after wall when each justification or rationalization was made. Making it through the maze is never forgotten and coming out of that hole creates so much internally.

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