A Reader’s Reaction to “From Harvard To Hell and Back”

“I could not put it down. As I read this book, I was simply struck by the amount of courage it took to live through this, to persevere, to honestly expose the ugliness of it and ultimately, to love each other in spite of all the pain inflicted as a result of addiction. And as a bonus, at the end, we’re given useful information that serves as a manual to strengthen all of us against the perils of innocently descending into darkness. I have always believed that we live through bad stuff sometimes just so that we become more “approachable” to others who might face similar trials. Certainly, you and your family have been molded by fire into tools of hope for those who have lost theirs.”…Nettie, September 29, 2013

Thank you for reading my book, Nettie, and for your kind words.

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