My Response to NYTimes “The Double-Edged Drug” by D. Sontag, 11/18.2013 Part 2

Re NYTimes article “the Double-Edged Drug” by Deborah Sontag 11/18/2013
As a recovering physician addict, I take issue with the second part of the article on Suboxone. Although I have been clean and sober for 14 years, I realize that I might still be under scrutiny by any with whom I interact. I accept the fact that I am guilty until proven innocent and act accordingly.  I also insist on running a clean professional clinic which runs on time and which is based upon a mutual respect for my patients. We are not friends. If they falter in their treatment, they either accept a higher level of care or are discharged. Substance Abuse medicine is not very lucrative if you run an ethical practice. The well deserved popularity of the drug might make it tempting for some to run patients through a course of it without regard to their overall recovery. I have never taken anything from the manufacturer of the drug and am an enthusiastic supporter of it’s use because I have seen it work well over the past seven years if prescribed within the right treatment setting.
I do not doubt the accuracy of the description of the doctors given in the article. I would like to invite Ms. Sontag to visit my clinic in order to see another side of the story.
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