Great article in Pro Jo by Marguerite Lamb on Substance Abuse and Addiction in Teens

Ms Lamb’s op-ed in today’s (12/9/13) Pro Jo on Substance abuse and addiction in teens was refreshingly complete and full of the critical thinking which so often is lacking these days in such an emotion laden topic. Kudos for her well written and data substantiated article which tackles the issue with such candor. We need more parents to think and act this way. 
Of relevant interest is the fact that in a recent talk to young adults at the Rhode Island Training School, I found enormous interest in the teen age brain mechanism involved in drug use by the very youth who have the most to lose by continuing substance use. I have actually been asked back by young abusers to discuss this very problem in more detail and, although interest is in no way a guarantee of  the desire or even a willingness to stop, it is a great first step. Let us all try to get more health care providers to refer youth for treatment so that it might eventually surpass law enforcement as the main road to recovery.
Thank you, Marguerite.
Skip Sviokla MD ABAM
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