What People Are Saying about “From Harvard To Hell…and Back”

…I am an avid reader, mostly Romance, I might throw a suspense in now & then but a book about a Doctors journey on overcoming his addiction would normally not intrigue me, this one did & I am so happy I picked it up. Dr. SVIOKLA III ( Skip) takes us through a timeline of his life. He leaves no ugly memories out ( or puts in the ones he can at least remember) there is no sugar coating the depths of what his addiction did to him, his career & his family. Many will identify with Dr. Skips story, whether you have a loved one suffering from addiction or you yourself our battling your own demons. I can guarantee you that you will be laughing out loud in one chapter to reaching for the tissues for the next. A few words to describe this book, RAW, COMICAL, INSPIRATIONAL, TEAR-JERKING, & last…..A MUST READ!…


…It was a powerful story of the pervasiveness and far-reaching consequences of drug and alcohol addiction. As a recovering physician myself I experienced similar situations, problems and the VICTORY….


…Very descriptive of how a fall from grace occurs. There are individuals among us that struggle with addition and this report shows the raw side of the downward path. Funny at times. Fast paced and authentic….


…Not a long read. I finished in a day but I couldn’t put it down. I recommend this if you’d like to understand addiction. Great book…


…This is one of the best books about addiction among the “professional class” one could ever read. I know. I have read lots of them.
Skip tells his story so honestly the words almost burn your skin. Pulls no punches. Hides nothing.
But then, just when you think he is completely doomed, you realize that he is going to recover and make it back to the real world a clean, sober, responsible, and loving man.
Fortunately, this book is also largely free of “psychologizing,” and “neurologizing.” It is instead full of street-level, real life, candid examples of what a recovering winner looks like.
Read it. Whether you have a problem yourself or not, you will be glad you got to know Skip….

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