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My Comment on “Pot and The Prez” article in Today’s WSJ

For the President to engage in discourse about marijuana is distressing. He shows the same lack of critical thinking as do most people who claim that is not more dangerous than alcohol. Absent from his statement is the fact that marijuana is often only one drug of many in the user’s pharmacy. Your editorial covers this lack of critical thinking better than any coverage I have seen in the popular press. The President’s words will certainly give permission to multitudes …Continue Reading

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A Possible New Area for Sleep Research?

The recent New York Times article by Marcia Konnikova about Danish biologist Maiken Nedergaard on the CSF acting as a cleaning agent (her term glymphatic {ala glial lymphatic}) of the brain intrigued me. Her studies in mice showed a swelling of the interstitial splace while they slept and increased flow which she equates with “better cleaning” of metabolites and perhaps increased cognitive ability. Human studies are proposed and drug addicts brains seem a natural area for special study to me. …Continue Reading

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Recent Reader Comments about “From Harvard To Hell…and Back”

…If you live with or have lived with an addict you can relate to this book. I if you haven’t, then give thanks -Daily. To go to Harvard and then Harvard medical school should lead to a life of comfort respect and success. Not always the case. As this Dr found out his life could go as low as his educational highs. The reader will go from surprise to disappointment when seeing how choices in life can lead you far …Continue Reading

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