My Comment on “Pot and The Prez” article in Today’s WSJ

For the President to engage in discourse about marijuana is distressing.  He 
shows the same lack of critical thinking as do most people who claim that is not 
more dangerous than alcohol.  Absent from his statement is the fact that 
marijuana is often only one drug of many in the user's pharmacy. Your editorial 
covers this lack of critical thinking better than any coverage I have seen in 
the popular press.  The President's words will certainly give permission to 
multitudes of people already abusing or dependent upon the drug.  As a board 
certified physician in Addiction Medicine and a recovering addict, I see the 
damage that marijuana causes patients every day. Comments such as Mr. Obama have 
made, make the process of helping people recover all the more difficult. 

Read the article in the Wall Street Journal here 
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2 responses to “My Comment on “Pot and The Prez” article in Today’s WSJ”

  1. bw says:

    What in your opinion is absent in the critical thinking that cannabis is less harmful than alcohol? Any overdoses from cannabis? No. The only thing that is harmful is the risk of jail, seizure of assets, and being branded a criminal. Do you not ever ponder the reason a endocannabonoid system exists in humans? Or do you, like many others in the “recovery/rehab” industry fear losing insurance and government dollars to fund you lifestyle? And what kind of big pharma drugs do you supply your patients to assist in their “medical recovery”?

    • Psychotic episodes are on the rise, especially in children, who are exposed to the ever stronger marijuana being grown. I am not for prohibition of the drug, just a reasoned knowledgeable discussion about it’s place in society-absent name calling and spurious unfounded accusations.
      Skip Sviokla

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