A Possible New Area for Sleep Research?

The recent New York Times article by Marcia Konnikova about Danish biologist Maiken Nedergaard on the CSF acting as a cleaning agent (her term glymphatic {ala glial lymphatic}) of the brain intrigued me. Her studies in mice showed a swelling of the interstitial splace while they slept and increased flow which she equates with “better cleaning” of metabolites and perhaps increased cognitive ability. Human studies are proposed and drug addicts brains seem a natural area for special study to me.

Not only do drugs alter sleep cycles (while using and withdrawing) causing little and poor sleep, but we make matters worse by littering space with all kinds of extra junk (pun intended). I now know that as we decend into our addiction we are trying to figure out how to stop with impaired brains.

This article makes me think they might be littered and unclean as well, a possible contributry cause of that impairment, and might even affect our increased risk taking behaviors.

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