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Miriam Hospital Overdose Prevention Meeting 2-19-2014

I am grateful for the lives that Naloxone has saved. There are clearly locations which should stock the drug, Recovery Centers, Halfway /Sober Houses and the like. The danger of providing the drug to anyone who wants it lies in the sense of false security it provides the individual user. Taking possession of the drug could conceivably increase risky behavior. This must be considered. Young people are so used to instant fixes and solutions, there is a danger that they …Continue Reading

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Thoughts on Control

So you think, or even know that you’re drinking too much. Perhaps you are running out of your pain pills too fast. You’re frightened. You’re trying to avoid pain – emotional and physical. You certainly aren’t having fun. Others think you’re more interested in pursuing your own pleasure and you don’t give a damn about them – especially the ones you love. They are almost right. It is not pleasure you’re after, it’s just trying to maintain. But even though …Continue Reading

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Philip Seymour Hoffman RIP- 2/4/2014

  Rather than just join in with the chorus of lament over the loss of Philip Seymour Hoffman, I would like to add outrage to the discussion. The first 50 years of my life would certainly be looked upon as “successful” by any outside observer. But my success was at best hollow and at worst, a sham. Celebrity is not something I experienced except as an observer of some of my entertainer patients, but I now realize that they truly …Continue Reading

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