Philip Seymour Hoffman RIP- 2/4/2014

Rather than just join in with the chorus of lament over the loss of Philip Seymour Hoffman, I would like to add outrage to the discussion. The first 50 years of my life would certainly be looked upon as “successful” by any outside observer. But my success was at best hollow and at worst, a sham. Celebrity is not something I experienced except as an observer of some of my entertainer patients, but I now realize that they truly shared the same hollowness as did I. My outrage is directed outward generally as an appeal to all who are in anyway involved with such high profile personalities. Forget their anger, do not be afraid to upset them and in so doing ,perhaps lose your place in their entourage. Tell them what they do not want to hear. You might save a life. Ask the surviving children of this very talented man whether it would have been worth the risk to challenge him.

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