My response to the NYTimes article “Hooked”

As a recovering opiate addict who is now clean for over 13 years and is also Board Certified in Addiction Medicine I find Susan Dominus’ article on heroin use (5/11 Magazine) well written and instructive.

Of note, although there is clear evidence that opiate addiction is a medical illness, we addicts must take responsibility for the devastating effects our illness has on us as well as on family and on society at large. This is a major deterrent to our getting well. This article demonstrates the lengths to which we will go in order to find someone or something to blame for our continued use.

As long as we think that there is an option other than stopping now, we will cause our own illness to progress. That progression inevitably ends up with the loss of everyone dear to us and, all too frequently, in our death.


Read the article here..




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